31/8/2020 - Where are we at??? this is where!!! SOME WORDS From mike himself

So we're in Covid times. The landscape has changed and the times have certainly proven tough for a lot of people in many walks of life. I know it's hard to imagine that 6 months ago we were enjoying concerts and gatherings with family and friends and the very things that are enjoyed in life. A simple hug to a family member or friend taken over by an elbow nudge 🤷‍♂️, alas I do believe we'll be back to it, although may be a while I do honestly believe that life will go on as normal in some time and what we enjoyed before will be back. I'm not going to get into theories or beliefs, but I think that the best thing to take from these times is that we can take the time to regenerate, focus, create, chill and just re-centre. For some I know that is not possible and it's ok to disagree with me, but some people really needed this time out (me being one of them). All that aside, I'm feeling for anyone who is really doing it tough...please reach out if you need to.

OK onto where we're at over here in Mike Joseph land 🌏. One good spot of news I can share is that I found some clarity in regard to where things are going on a focus level. As I mentioned in a video post the other week, I will still be doing the 'solo' Mike  Joseph stuff, although the sound will differ from the heavier hard rock feel, I will be writing more acoustic/unplugged based songs and releasing them under the same platforms. Whats changed?? Quite a lot actually. I'll also be hanging up the drum sticks. Yep...25 years playing drums has taken it's toll on my body and although I still love the drums and will play for studio sessions or a fill in show here and there, it's time for me to hang up the sticks so to speak. 🙋🏻‍♂️ So here's to 20 plus years of constant work that I'm grateful for and will always cherish!!!!

SO where does that leave things? After showcasing the music last year with that single launch show in November and the other backup show in December it was evident to me that some horses run for different courses. For me personally, I write all kinds of music, hard rock, country, experimental, acoustic, ballads. That's all good but it's also confusing. One of the things I noticed from playing those shows was that we started the show with some heavy riffs and slamming drums, to then play a country style ballad.'s great to have light and shade in a show, but there was something noticeably off for me. It was like I was wearing 2 hats. 🧢 🎩. I'll explain!!

The thing that came to my attention was I felt something missing after the shows. Who is into the softer stuff and who isn't?? Some people walked out as soon as we played the slower acoustic ballads. Typical in Melbourne!!! So what was it?? It really comes down to what I'm about to explain. 

Don't get me wrong, the shows felt amazing and the launch in November was to a packed room and a success on a local level. It's so hard getting more than 50 people to an original show these days and to get nearly 300 at a debut launch for me was so humbling. I just want to also mention that I played these shows with some incredible musicians I hand picked and contacted for those shows. The backing band that played the shows with me are ALL very talented and amazing musicians in their own right, but again for me if it's a's a full time band. Let me tell you in 2020 it's a bloody hard task to get full-time commitment to a band that :

A) doesn't make an "proper" income

B) takes time away from family or social life

C) is not guaranteed to go further than a rehearsal room

D) runs at a loss majority of the time

That's the honest truth right there, it's a tough game and a tough gig. So why do we do it?? simple actually.....FOR THE LOVE!!!!! Yep that really is the only reason anyone should do original music these days.  So I had to sit down, dig deep and see what the heck I was going to do moving forward, I had to ask myself what I wanted and who I wanted on board full time.

I started this project solo over 3 years ago when I felt it was the thing missing in my life. When a band is titled under one persons name it's sometimes seen as THAT persons band. I personally don't see bands like that unless you're Bon Jovi or those wankers in KISS. I like a band to be a joint effort and a team. Yep....thats what I've always yearned for in bands I've played in, some worked...some didn't, but it's supposed to be a band of brothers (or sisters). Like a gang of mates that know your move and you know theirs,  it's an unspoken bond that just works. When you get on stage the connection is paramount and strong, the audience feed off the comradery and makes them want to come back again and again. You also can't fake that stuff or force it, SO....GET TO THE POINT RIGHT!!!

I took some time to sit and think about what I wanted and luckily now I got the best of both worlds. When I went over to Los Angeles in 2019 I reconnected with my long time friend and drummer Jay Pinfold. I was Jay's drum tech when he played in Juke Kartel. We have always been close and had an instant connection when we met 13 years back. When Jay said he was coming back to Melbourne to live all I could think about was playing in a band with him. So long story short, Jay came back and that comradery came back to life and being one of the best drummers I know, we started working together. Fast forward to now and we have created a new band under a new name. We quickly got jamming with a few guitarists and locked in a lead player by the name of Mark Savoia whom I had met and played with on the cover circuit whom actually contacted me when I first started the Mike Joseph project to play guitar. I forgot all about his message deep in a sea of inboxes and then it was brought to my attention by another friend that he would be great in the that was a lightbulb moment for me💡💡💡💡. Also after some ups and downs and sliding doors with bass players we also managed to lock in a bass player who weirdly  enough played in seperate bands with both Jay and Mark years ago....this blew my mind because Jay and Mark had never even met. So there you have it a 4 piece rock band of brothers. 3 degrees of separation.

Where does that leave the "MIKE JOSEPH BAND" as we know it??? leaves it exactly the same really. As mentioned I will keep writing the acoustic unplugged vibe on songs, that still gives me an outlet to write with the acoustic and to record and play those more unplugged songs live, I juste LOVE that feel. Then with the bros in the new rock band we get to write the heavier stuff in a group collective and rock out with our fists pumping 🤘🤘🤘🤘. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! It also means some of the older stuff I wrote like 'Piece Of Mind', 'Break Me Down' and 'Fly Away' will still get a run with the new band. In fact we will be remixing and recording some of those songs to give it the "new band" feel.

So that's where it's at folks!!! New beginnings and old paint given a freshen up.

Sometimes downtime is key to finding a path....thats what I'm taking from this anyway!!!

Thanks for listening...please take care and love ya's


Mike Joseph



On Friday the 8th of May 2020 Mike and the band will be releasing the second single of four recorded in Nashville USA with Producer James Lugo.

'BREAK ME DOWN' is the name of the song and it was co-written by a friend of Mikes named Dante Peluso from the band IV DANTE.  

The song has a dark melancholy feel starting with a riff Mike wrote when he was playing around with drop D tuning, the song then breaks into a hard hitting chorus and breakdown. This is the first of Mike's songs which incorporates electronic synth sounds blended with some heavy drop tuned guitars and thunderous drums. 

'BREAK ME DOWN' will be followed up with a visual clip released exactly one week later, created by Mike this clip is full of imagery and film clips from around the world using stock footage. The clip supports the song hitting home at some very important social issues, humanity issues and the breakdown of the planet which in turn breaks down at the soul of humanity. We won't give away too much...but it is a beautifully put together piece of art supporting a song with a message. Definitely fitting for these uncertain times. 

So stay tuned on all the social media platforms and streaming platforms when Mike Joseph and his band release 'BREAK ME DOWN' Friday week the 8th of May.



9/2/2020 - 'Hooked on a dream' video clip - 

Well..... the Official 'Hooked On A Dream' music video is out and up on YouTube. 
This one came together very quickly with a great team and a simple story, "..don't let her hook onto your dreams..", the rest speaks for itself. There are no band members in this clip as Mike wanted to show the "battle" of how easy it can be to get off track when you are an artist and be easily persuaded by distractions (being the glamorous side of music which can actually be the demise), this is shot down pretty quickly with the pace and content of the song.

The team shot this clip in 8 hours and it was edited within 2 weeks. Very quick turn around and very proud of the outcome.

The song is complimented with stunning visuals and cinematography by the talented Mati K. I got this guy "out of retirement" so to speak and our working relationship was back to normal after working together in the past. 

The beautiful lead actress Mary Catanchin takes the prize in this clip. She absolutely did an amazing job on camera and I knew she was the right fit for this clip as soon as the idea popped up in my mind. 

Special thanks to Justin Murphy and Oli from Kulture Sounds for letting us hire the space, Michael Kennett for the loan of the nice guitar and Marty K and Jake James for their help with the sound design in the intro.

The clip is the start of a new phase for Mike and the band. The new song's which will be released in 2020 have a different energy to the first EP Mike released, and his new band will be bringing that energy live to you soon.

Enjoy 'Hooked On A Dream'.


15/11/2019 - Hooked on a dream single launch matthew flinders hotel - 

Mike Joseph and band were in rehearsals for no more than 4 weeks before the launch on the 15th of November. The show was outstanding. First act of the night was Jackson James Lee who opened the night with his amazing vocals and talented keys playing. He had a special guest Chloe Munroe who sang a duet with him by Lana Del Rey which captivated the crowd. Followed by Black Shades and Arrogance. These guys came out and got the crowd pumping with their energetic hip hop tunes and vibe. The also joined Mike on stage in his set to perform 'LUCIDITY' that was co written with Mike back in February.

When it was time for Mike and his band to come out the track 'Listen To The Music' by the Doobie Brothers played over the speakers before the intro track to 'Piece Of Mind' started on a dark stage. As soon as the band kicked it the stage exploded with light and sound followed by an energetic Mike to greet his crowd. The show was powerhouse by the band from the get go, and Mike held the crowd with the energy fed by them. 

The band played all of Mikes singles from the 'Remnants' EP and some new tracks he recorded in Nashville in 2019. The band set out to put on a rock show and that's exactly what they did. It wasn't just a bunch of musicians playing songs, it was a show that is a sign of things to come from this band.

Overall the night was a great success with all records being broken at that venue for a local band. The band are now in rehearsals for the next show on the 11th December at Bar open Brunswick for a more intimate "lock stock and go" show which will solely be a chance for Mikes band to perform for those who couldn't make it to the show on the 15th of November. 



Mike is back from his USA trip and back from recording four brand new singles in Nashville with Producer James Lugo. These songs were written over the last 6 months after Mike released his first debut EP 'Remnants'. The new tracks are little different feel to what was on the first EP. 'Remnants' was a very dark feeling EP, but these new songs have a different kind of energy and feel. That said there are still dark feels within the content of the songs. Mike really wanted some "pumpers" within these songs so he made sure these songs got people up and moving. By pumpers Mike means "stuff to get the asses off the chairs and moshing".

Working with James Lugo also brought a real hard edge to the dynamic of these song and the feel. With so many years of experience working in L.A with some of the biggest artists in the world, James pushed Mike in the studio and really brought out the best stuff possible in the time frame.

So now back in Aus Mike is on a mission to find "the band". Being a full time musician he know's how hard it is in this day and age to get 5 people in a room to rehearse and play shows let alone sync together and play together live. Mike has dug deep and remembered past musicians he has been on stage with and whom he had a good vibe with in past bands and situations. That is the basis of a great live band...having a synergy. So far a drummer and lead guitarist has been locked in for first round rehearsals, but there are still 2 other members to fill the spots. A really good second rhythm/lead guitarist and a bass player. Both of these members need to be able to sing harmonie's also. Another task that not many are up for. Alas Mike is determined to get this machine going so that the launch at the end of the year will be a memorable one and a great, energetic real rock show. Stay tuned for the outcomes over the next month as we share who will be in Mike's new band. Keep the love going.



The 'Remnants' EP is now complete after 1.5 years in production from it's initial conception. Mike and the team got it done and will be released online on the 31st of March 2019. The five tracks will all be available on the major download and streaming services and Mike has set up an incentive for 20 of his fans to receive the full EP and posters a week before the release. This incentive requires 20 people to bring 10 of their friends to either Mikes Spotify, Instagram or Facebook pages and subscribe and when the names are crosschecked each person will receive a free digital copy of the EP and Mikes 2019 Promo posters for desktop or print. Mike's quite excited to do this as he loves sharing with his fanbase. Get onboard, 'REMNANTS' will be here in full March 31st.


10/1/2019 - 'HERE IS THE SUN' Film clip "...GREAT SUCCESS...VERY NICE..I Like YOU" ;) 

After a few months of filming and editing Mike and the team at Fable Creative Group got 'Here Is the Sun' up and running. It's always hard to predict how a clip with such different art direction would stand up in 2019, but the team is absolutely pleasantly surprised and humbled by the responses and not only responses but the amount of shares the clip had on social media within 5 days. Something like 90 shares to the public. Quite overwhelming for Mike and the guys at Fable Creative Group. So in return Mike's response is below. His thank-you is also below. 


"The 6th of January 2019 came eventually.....this is big for me. What started out as a thought became a reality. I don't even know what the heck I did..I just write a ditty and wanted to share it. It is the beginning, but boy it's a good one for me.

The last 18 months has been a journey that has shaped me and is continuing to shape me as a person and as an artist. There are so many options in life and so many roads we take and some are more uncomfortable than others...but this one I know is a road I wanna stay on even with it's emotional bumps and tests.. 

There are a lot of people I have to thank but firstly I just want to thank all of you who A) watched the clip, B) listened to the lyrics, C) shared it and D) understood it. It was not an easy concept to take in....and I know some people have asked what the heck I was doing dressed like a clown...but in majority of cases you got it...and I'm glad we got the message across. 'Here Is the Sun' is a song of's not a depressive's not an angry or resentful's a song about becoming free and being who you're meant to be. Thats all we need to remember. as I said there are many people I need to thank and I'll do that now. Firstly mum and dad. Thanks for sticking by me and being understanding with me in pursuing my dreams. I've been at this game for a long time....20 years I've been bashing skins and singing for different artists. Yeah I know it ain't the most stable of careers...but it is one that I have learned to love even when I should be hating it. This solo project has given me life....and I can only move forward from here. So massive thanks for being good parents and good people. OH OH OH AND MUM...Thanks for cooking on the location in Phillip Island. We were all in a food coma but well worth it 😘.

I wanna thank my producer and recording engineer Mathew Robins from ColourSound Studios Melbourne for helping bring my songs to life. I am so grateful for your time and effort and most of all your belief in my songs. It for that I thankyou mate. As I mentioned, the universe works in funny ways sometimes. I went through two possible producers and ended up with the right guy for the job. You really made the process inspiring for me and that's how we got the vibe on the tracks. Thank you brother.

James Lugo in Nashville. Well made it sound "MASSIVER". Looking forward to coming over to Nashville in May to record the next batch of songs. Peace

To Jules and Mark at FABLE CREATIVE GROUP and also to Dean who was on set in Phillip Island. Geeeeeeezzzz. Thanks for pulling this monster off. What a concept and videoclip. That day I came into that meeting to talk concepts I would not have pictured this as a final outcome. What a bloody cool clip...and what minds you guys have to come up with this stuff. Thanks for putting up with my breakdowns and my vanity 😂👌. Here's to some ballsy moves and and some ballsy guys. Love yas can't wait to show the people the next one 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍!!!!

To Izzy from KOKOZMEDIA....Droney Mc DRONE DRONE was a "GREAT SUCCESS"....everyone loves a drone...even the magpies 😜. In all seriousness thank you for coming out that day and thank you for your great attitude and making me laugh all funny ass dude xx.

DJ Perri Lee for her great performance in the clip. I went through about 25 girls to find the right one for this clip..(not literally 😜😜😜)........No look you ABSOLUTELY nailed the character and looked stunning. What can I's rock n roll...and we like beautiful women in our clips 😘 Thank're now immortalised as a girl in a rock n roll clip 😍😍

Lara for her amazing makeup skills. Made it very comforting and was so nice having you on set. Thank you.

To Rissa and her partner for helping with the location and letting us turn the house upside down. It looks great though. I think that house was so perfect for the created paintman's world and I am still cold from that shower 😂😂😂😂😂. big big thanks. 

To Mick for the absolutely stunning 1969 Mustang in the clip. It really did make those shots pop. Thanks pal.

Red Panda Restaurant. I know it was last minute and totally random (show business 😩😩), but I want to say a big thanks, the restaurant was perfect for those shots and thankyou so so much for letting us in before your busy dinner sitting.

The Village Store supermarket at Waverley Park. We were in and out of there in under 25 minutes as requested. Thank you for letting us shoot in there. That 2 second shot is perfect. 👌👌👌

If  i've missed anyone, my apologies but these are the people who made it happen and got it done. There are other people floating around who are constantly on my team and a great support. You know who you are and your thanks is always given when I see you.

Again....thank you all for your love and support for my first release. I have plenty more where that came from coming soon. I can assure you that Southern Skies is going to make you feel the love. So in the words of BORAT "...VERY NICE....I Like YOU..."

Love Mike Joseph



The 'Southern Skies'  video shoot is now completed. Mike and the guys at Fable Creative Group headed to the western most point of Victoria to some of the most amazing locations to capture the textures and beauty of our Australian landscapes for this film clip. Not only were the locations hard to get to with terrains not made for humans to work in, the team also battled the elements every day which had either gale force winds or showers that put the schedule back a little. All that aside the team pulled through. 'Southern Skies' is a tribute to Mike's grandfather Joe and will be released in February 2019