Mike Joseph is a multi-instrumentalist and rock singer from Melbourne Australia. Mike cut his teeth in the Melbourne music scene throughout the late 90s and 2000s as a drummer for various rock and club bands, playing and supporting many artists. In his teenage years he had 5 years of vocal training with master vocal coach, Julian Bailey, and was always the "go-to" backing vocalist for the bands in which he played because of his higher register and gritty tone. On top of being a hard hitting rock drummer, Mike is also a songwriter and in turn got to hear the songs brought to life by the artists he played with.....but this wasn't enough. 


Mike's love for rock music has kept his writing style true to the rock genre. In 2017 he sought more clarity in going forward as not just a backing vocalist and drummer but used this time away as an opportunity to write new music and release it for himself as a solo rock artist.  


Summer of 2018 saw Mike with a new batch of songs and a vision for what is his first release called 'Remnants'. A five track EP with a batch of songs he had written which reflect a darker period in his life. Whilst these songs were born from those experiences, the underlying message is one of hope. Recorded and produced by Mathew Robins, at Colour Sound Studios Melbourne, the main single 'Here Is The Sun' is about the experience of song writing coming back into his life after the years he had stopped. The song starts very intimately to then rise to a crescendo with a full band pushing a soaring vocal.  


'Here Is The Sun' is backed up with a film clip directed by Fable Creative Group who teamed up with Mike and pushed the boundaries of art, emotion and stunning visual concepts to support the song. 'Here Is The Sun' along with the four supporting songs on his E.P ‘Remnants’, will be Mike's first release as a solo rock artist in 2019, followed by material being recorded and produced both here in Australia by Mathew Robins and in Nashville by James Lugo.  


Mike's ultimate mission is to uplift and spread hope to people and to be able to connect with his audience with his music. His goal being to bring melodic rock back to the forefront of music in the modern era.