Mike Joseph cut his teeth in the Melbourne music scene throughout the late 90s. A hard hitting, highly regarded, rock drummer - he can sing too! 

Possessing an awesome range and gritty tone he is often booked as a backing vocalist. 

Mike, also a songwriter, has enjoyed his songs being brought to life by the artists he’s played with...but this wasn't enough. 

So, in 2017, he sought more clarity going forward, not only as a backing vocalist and drummer, but by using this time away as an opportunity to write new music to release for himself as a solo rock artist. 

Mike's love for rock music has kept his writing style true to the rock genre. 

Summer of 2018 saw Mike with some awesome new songs and a vision for, what is his first release, 'Remnants': an EP including 5 of songs he wrote reflecting on a darker period in his life. 

Like many of our favourite songs, these were born from those experiences, though Mike describes the underlying message intended as one of hope. 

“My ultimate mission is to uplift and spread hope to people and connect with diverse audiences through this music while helping bring melodic rock back to the forefront of music in this modern era.